DIY Computer Power Button and LEDs

Some of these links are not exactly what I used in the video, but they will work or at least get you searching in the correct area for something similar. Mini Breadboard with wires Other jumper wirers option Assorted Leds Assorted Resistors Assorted Photoresistors (5539 is what I used, but I think 5506 would work […]

Resizing a Carburetor Jet

I demonstrate how to resize a carburetor jet to a smaller size by soldering it and drilling a smaller hole. Plumbing Solder –… Drill Bit adaptor –… Tiny Drill Bits –…

Video: How to Build a Computer to Run Games on High for $220

Digging through Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, I’ll show you what to look for and how to upgrade it. In this example of building a computer for $220 I take an old 3rd gen i5 office computer and upgrade it with a GTX1050 video card to play Overwatch on high settings!  

WTF is an Earth Battery?

After one of those nights where you find yourself in some weird part of the internet reading about some speculative and conspiracy type stuff, you might find yourself at a Home Depot buying a couple of grounding rods to make an Earth Battery. I found this research from 2008 from a University in Pakistan afterwards, […]

How To: $220 Gaming Computer

Ever since I went to my first computer expo as a teenager and picked up a GeForce FX 5600, I’ve been hooked on building computers for gaming.  I have built plenty of high horsepower computers in my time, double video cards (SLI), i7 cpus, liquid cooling, but people with normal budgets ask me all the time what […]

6 Steps to Double Your Money by Pushing Some Buttons and Waiting

#1. Pay off Your Debt First off, this is not some kind of get rich quick scam. This is a simplified version of the same thing people do that have more money than you. They also don’t want to work their whole life or already don’t work.  If you have credit card debt or loans […]

Nitrous Oxide Bicycle

What is better than having a bicycle with an engine on it that you don’t have to pedal? A bicycle with an engine and a nitrous kit.  Even though as the engine started to break in it gained speed and power, after watching the new Fast and Furious movie, who would say no to the […]

The Steel Pony Awakens

Late in the night, a creature lurks the internet from end to end searching for ridiculous vehicles to purchase for lulz and attention as he has an idea different from any he has had previously.  With the new found power of addition, thoughts of joining a $20 chainsaw from a garage sale and a mountain […]

How to: Lose Weight Without Hindering Your Glorious American Lifestyle

Ok. So it’s probably pretty obvious that you are going to have to change something in your life if you want to lose weight, but if your food pyramid is full of fast food logos, beer, and soda (like mine is) then you are probably going to give up on any dumb salad-centric diet within […]

Autobiography of a Mad Man.

When I was young I fought in wars such as WWII, Vietnam, Brood War, and many in the medieval British empire via a computer. After all of that destruction I needed to help rebuild, so I embarked on a journey to save the planet from global warming by building hundreds of giant fans across the […]

How To: LS Swap Fuel System – Return Style

I am going to be basing this on my 2003 5.3 swap into a 1985 C10, but this should be very similar for any return style fuel rail setup that is going into a vehicle that was originally carbureted. The stock fuel rail already has the fuel pressure regulator on it, so basically all you […]

Gray Pearl sings “Somebody that I used to know”

Once the 5.3 was in a safe space away from the evils of the world, it was time for the pearl to get a hair cut. The kind of haircut that involves a reciprocating saw and loss of some major components.  We started with the hood, then moved to the front bumper, fenders, grille, and […]


There aren’t enough performance stickers or cool points on the planet to get the pearl to break its mind bending top speed of 71 mph. I mean sure, I could have rebuilt the tired old 350 a third time and spent more than $60 like last time, but where is the fun in that? The 3 […]

Toilet humor

“Here I sit broken hearted; I came to shit, but only farted.” I thought I would share quotes I’ve discovered over the years from various escape pods scattered across the country. What a wonderful world we live in where after a long 12 hour day of working on the wind farm we can go back home […]

Varley Unchained

As I sit here listening to the soundtrack from GTA Vice City, I am reminded of a story involving something else from the the 80’s – a trencher we call Varley.  We named it Varley after that fat old guy from the show Street Outlaws who’s favorite thing to say is “We really need to get our […]

The Day T.J. Kept Me Cool!

There are many experiences in my life that I could chalk up as janky, like the time I slept with a random girl who paid for my generosity in cigarettes and gas fare.  This article isn’t  about my sexual escapades however, but a miracle I witnessed outside my bed. Like the time my truck, a Ford Ranger […]

Capturing Dawn

6:00 am, after the install of the JSP or Janky Solar Plant, came after a long night of fear and excitement and the sun was just starting to show like a 2 month late period. I quickly grabbed my voltage meter and was surprised to find my baby was already at 1.7 volts and 15 […]

Not so Janky Car lift

This is kind of out of character for this site, but I somewhat recently bought a 2 post mid-rise car lift for my home garage and I love it so much I want to make you own one. I managed to pick mine up used for $1500, but it was in good condition and came […]

A Solar Experiance

I’m not sure which part was the most exhilarating, drilling holes into a perfectly good roof after a rainstorm or talking about condoms and OHSA for 45 minutes on a flimsy ass scaffolding while drinking a beer afterwords. A few days ago on a whim, probably after an Elon Musk video, I decided solar technology was […]