The Lawn Mower Miracle

When I was a boy, I didn’t put much stock into Faith. Sure, I’d seen Angels in the Outfield enough times to sustain Danny Glover’s career, but I was far from a believer in real-life miracles. Then, my lawn mower broke. When I say “broke”, I don’t mean old age had finally kicked in. (Although, […]

Janky Headphone Fix

After a hard day expanding the energy nexus of the United States of America, Turbine Jesus, a local folk hero returned home to his modest establishment located within an all original 1982 single wide equipped with an air mattress and 10 mbps internet. With the intent of blessing the internet populous with his presence, TJ […]

Fun with Rams

I got a call earlier this week from my dad asking if I was available to take a look at one of his Bobcat loaders that apparently didn’t work anymore because hydraulic fluid was vomiting out of the side of it like a 21 year old on his first night downtown after he was dumped […]

A New Hope – The Kegerator Genesis

A New Hope – The Kegerator Genesis Janky Shack recently acquired a broken kegerator destined to the scrap yard. As you probably know by now we had our way with it first to see if this 12 year old machine had any life left. The first thing we noticed when we plugged it in was […]

Junk Yard Jump Start

Let me just start by saying this was so ridiculous, I was laughing so hard while I was hooking this up it almost didn’t work. Also, it has nothing to do with a junk yard, I just like alliteration. While out in the middle of nowhere on an undisclosed job, one of my co-workers decided […]

The Gray Pearl – $5 Word Art

Back at the Janky Shack headquarters, secretly located in suburbia, the Gray Pearl was looking a bit boring. So obviously, the best decision was for Zenkor to throw $3 worth of spray paint at the door. For those of you building a rat rod, lemon’s car or junkyard spaceship, follow this guide to make your […]